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About Utopia Nails & Spa: Since 2007

Utopia Nail and Spa, LLC opened its first salon back in 2007. Despite the economic crisis, our business thrived even though we were just a small new business located on Green Bay Rd in Kenosha. We only had five customers on the first day we opened for business. Without a budget for advertising, we relied solely on word of mouth for business. Once Kenosha got word of how hard we worked and how great results were, we gained customers’ trust, continued to deliver our promise, and GREW!

By the summer of 2011, we were able to expand our salon by 1,300 square ft. Then, by 2013, we opened our second location by Woodman’s! 

As we continued to work hard for our clients, we were able to open our third salon located in Mount Pleasant, WI! 

Finally, in May of 2020, we moved our first original location to our own beautiful building located at 4816 Green Bay Rd, Kenosha. 

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Utopia Founder’s Business Principle:
“Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

We practice and enforce this business principle every day at Utopia. Although you can expect fantastic results from Utopia, if there was ever a time that a service was less than perfect, we stand behind our promise that we will do all that can be reasonably done to correct the issue for our customers.  

Our vision now, and for the future of Utopia, is to continue practicing the Utopia Founder’s Business Principle as we adapt and improve processes, including keeping up with technology and making convenience a priority for our customers and employees.


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